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Postnatal Fitness

Group fitness classes & one on one training.

Mom & Baby Fitness Classes Squamish

Group Fitness Classes

Tuesdays & Thursdays 11:30 am - 12:30pm @ Storm Strength & Performance

Contact us to join part way through a session or to
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Regain your strength and fitness while interacting with your baby and meeting other moms in the community. A full body workout with a focus on postpartum core, posture and glutes. Benefit from increased energy, a stronger body and a new network of fellow mom friends. Classes are taught by pre & postnatal fitness specialists. Suitable for all levels.

One on one Postnatal Training

In both Squamish and North Vancouver, Carrie offers one on one support for your unique prenatal fitness requirements. Carrie will guide you through a safe and efficient workout while teaching you how to correctly breathe and engage your core while exercising pregnant. Feel strong throughout your pregnancy and allow your body to recover efficiently after your baby is born.

Postnatal Fitness Trainer Squamish

One on one
Postnatal Training


Sessions in Squamish based out of 

Union Health and Performance

*If you do not see the time you would like please contact for more info.

Postnatal Fitness Trainer North Vancouver

One on one
Postnatal Training


Sessions in North Vancouver based out of Soul Fitness


Client Testimonials


I started the postnatal classes when my baby was almost 3 months, 4 months later and I feel like I'm in better shape than I was in before getting pregnant.  Carrie and Alyssa are great instructors,  the exercises are all safe for postnatal moms and I feel like I get a great workout.  The classes are also a great place to meet other moms and babies. I've been recommending the postnatal classes to all new moms I know.

- Emily Myles

As a mum herself, Carrie just gets it! Her fun classes help new mums get active and meet other new mums in town. The focus on core restoration, movement and strength building is suited to postpartum recovery and so beneficial. I can honestly say it's one of the highlights of my day on a Monday and Friday. I recommend it to all new mammas in town!

- Emily Berkel

I've always been just a cardio girl. I love to hike and walk/ jog but I am inexperienced with being in the gym. I have been intimidated to do a group work out in a gym because of the fear of embarrassing myself.. until now! I love my work outs with Carrie! She has a natural way of putting my insecurities at ease and at the same time pushes me to challenge myself.


My work out day is the one day a week I am doing something completely for myself and it feels damn good! I feel refreshed and energized after her workouts and the next day I feel my muscles toning!

Recently, I have been experiencing pulled muscles around my rib area. Carrie instantly can switch up the exercise so that it isolates that one muscle and I can do my workout pain free!

I know I will be continuing my work outs with her even as my baby grows up. I have been learning so many workout regimes from Carrie but I enjoy going to the workout classes to meet all the other moms.   I consider myself more introverted but I listen in to all the convos and have lots of fun with the other mamas. If you are at all thinking of starting this new mama workout group, please give it a try. It is so important for moms to do something positive for their mental and physical health during this challenging first year of baby's life.
Thank you Carrie, I don't think you even know the positive impact you have on my life. Squamish is lucky to have you!

- Lisa Suh

Mom & Baby Fitness Squamish
Mom & Baby Fitness Squamish

I joined Carrie's mom and baby classes when my twins were nine weeks old. The workouts are always well-rounded and focused on different muscle groups. Carrie incorporates exercises and stretches based on recommendations from her clients, as well as taking into consideration any injuries or anything postnatal. Having twins, it wasn't always easy to get out of the house, these classes were a great way to get back into shape. Carrie is awesome!

- Katie Wellman

I began Carrie's Mom & Baby Fitness class when my son was 4 months old and continued once a week until Leo started daycare. Carrie was very knowledgeable about post-pregnancy bodies and what types of workouts were best, even at the individual level. Post-pregnancy, women tend to have aches and pains caused by lifting baby, breast feeding, hormones. If I were to let Carrie know something was bothering me she would give me alternative workouts. She also loved my son and when I was busy with a workout she would be there to give him and the other babies attention while instructing us moms. Talk about multi-tasking! I would for sure recommend her class, and if you can go twice a week to maintain the strength level. I wish I could still attend her class!

- Lindsay McGhee

Carrie is the perfect trainer, she's sweet but firm, motivating in the most positive ways, and she truly considers the individual needs of her clients. She bends over backwards to work around differing schedules, abilities and goals. We all need more Carrie in our lives!

- Julie Morgan

Mom & Baby Fitness Squamish


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