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Group Fitness

Mix up your workout with a variety of fitness classes taught by Carrie! Fitness classes held in studios in both North Vancouver and Squamish.


Our Services & Classes

Prenatal Fitness Classes Squamish

Prenatal Fitness Classes

Mondays @ 5:50-6:50PM

Storm Strength & Performance

Staying healthy and fit for your unborn child is one of the best gifts you can give them, and can relieve uncomfortable pregnancy symptoms.

Mom & Baby Fitness Classes Squamish

Postnatal Fitness Classes

Mondays & Fridays @ 11:30AM

Storm Strength & Performance

Regain your strength while interacting with your baby and meeting other moms in the community. A full body workout with a focus on postpartum core, posture and glutes.

Storm Strength and Performance Carrie Charlton


Mondays & Thursdays 6 & 7am

Saturdays 8:30am

Storm Strength & Performance

A full body workout focusing on form, exercise foundations and fundamentals.  Strength training, cardio, agility and more keep you cross training and moving forward in your goals.

*Requires HotBox/Storm Membership or punch pass.

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