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Prenatal Fitness

Group fitness classes & one on one training.

Prenatal Fitness Squamish

Prenatal Group Fitness Classes

Thursdays, 6:20-7:15pm@ Storm Strength & Performance in Squamish

Meet other moms in the community while staying fit and healthy for you and your unborn child. Workouts will be full body with a focus on exercises that help battle common discomforts experienced during pregnancy.  Increase your energy, sleep better and feel confident you are doing a safe and effective workout during such a special time in your life. Classes are suitable for all levels and exercises can be modified for anyone with restrictions and limitations.

One on one Prenatal Training

In both Squamish and North Vancouver, Carrie offers one on one support for your unique prenatal fitness requirements. Carrie will guide you through a safe and efficient workout while teaching you how to correctly breathe and engage your core while exercising pregnant. Feel strong throughout your pregnancy and allow your body to recover efficiently after your baby is born.

Prenatal Fitness Trainer Squamish

One on one
Prenatal Training


Sessions in Squamish based out of 

Union Health and Performance

*If you do not see the time you would like please contact for more info.

Prenatal Fitness Trainer North Vancouver

One on one
Prenatal Training


Sessions in North Vancouver based out of Soul Fitness


Client Testimonials

Prenatal Fitness Squamish

Carrie's prenatal fitness classes are the reason I was able to stay as active as possible during my twin pregnancy. She has a way of explaining things so clearly and supports you individually even though you are in the group class. Many of my new mum friends I met through her classes. A wonderful community workout, I always left feeling positive and energized.

- Emily Berkel

With Carrie's guidance I worked-out through my whole pregnancy. As my belly grew Carrie was understanding of my needs and adjusted our work out session to keep me fit and prepare my body for delivery. Her knowledge, passion and creativity kept me confident, motivated and interested. I strongly believe that staying active greatly contributed to my healthy pregnancy and fast post-partum recovery.
- Dominique Ross

I attended Carrie's prenatal fitness classes during almost my whole pregnancy with my first child, and after he was born I attended her mom and baby fitness classes until he was 10 months old. I am so grateful to have had this experience, not only was it educational but fun. I learned safe exercises and how to support my pelvic floor and core, before and after labour. It was an amazing way to meet fellow moms in the community and felt like my weekly therapy. I attended Carrie's classes before I was pregnant and I have always left feeling stronger and more aware of my body, she is an amazing trainer and I am so happy I had that support and education during all the changes in my body that pregnancy and birth brings. Being able to be challenged with a full body workout and interact with my baby at the same time is so great. I definitely recommend any of her classes!
- Jennifer Just

Prenatal Fitness Squamish
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